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On a boundary of XIX and XX centuries the attempt of creation of an original aesthetics - «the Siberian style» for the first time had been undertaken by the Siberian art intelligency. Synthesis of cultures, interaction of the academic tradition and mythological art activity of native people of Siberia defined one of the basic tendencies in development of the regional art of the twentieth century. In 70-80 years of the XX century on a background of denying Soviet ideological aesthetics, interest of artists to discoveries of archeologists and ethnographers, to archaic cultures and mythologies, to ancient history has amplified. Creative search conducted one masters to creation of the works synthesizing the academic graphic canon with an art heritage of archaism. Others imitated aesthetics of avant-garde, supplementing its figurative language with the ethnic images and sacral signs. The circle of the artists worked in this direction, considerably extends due to the authors having ethnic roots. To such masters belongs the artist from Shorya, Lubov Nikitichna Arbachakova.

L.N.Arbachakova - the bright creative person showing at high professional level in such areas, as philology, painting and poetry. Her individuality and an originality of art language in many respects are defined by hereditary gift. Passion to painting as vital need was transferred to her as to the heiress of a kin of shaman and storytellers. Professional interests of the specialist in folklore have generated gravitation to Turkic mythologies, has allowed to develop an original style aesthetics and figurative-plastic system. Her early works have been executed in realistic manner, now they are a synthesis of modern and ethnic traditions.

According to constructive attributes of L.N.Arbachakova's works, they are close to naive art: the composition is constructed by overlapping non-uniformly scaled objects, figures have silhouette, plane decision. Her works are distinguished by a complex symbolical palette - great numbers of uniform color dabs create expressive texture of a canvas. Absence of rigid fixing of the center and detailed completeness is connected with ornamental interpretation of images.

L.N.Arbachakova not only fixes memoirs of a traditional way of life, ceremonies and holidays in her works, she creates a myth herself at qualitatively new level. She visibly connects actual and possible, real and imagined on her canvases. In her pictures L.N.Arbachakova creates the original art world, using constants of traditional outlook. For the painter her picture is a story, which characters are real and mythical images, among which a sacred bird - Khan-Gerede, magic roots of shorsky epos, images of spirits-assistants of the shaman. By arrangement of images in space of a picture, stylistics and a plot of her works, it is possible to draw an analogy with figures on shorsky tambourine. Therefore, in some pictures of the artist it is possible to see the symbolical portrayal of the Universe with its trinomial structure and accommodation in each zone of appropriate images.

L.N.Arbachakova's works are similar to mythocreation. Painting for the artist - the form of active self-expression, which connected with deep emotional experience of process of creativity which is similar to process of creation of own Universe. The process of the picturesque writing sated by intuitive attitude is important for her.

By explanation of Lubov Nikitichna, creation of a picture turns in shaman travel, where dabs on a canvas are steps to other world. She does not know authentically, what result will come out from her brushes in the end of «a creative way». In mythological attitude of the artist, the «road» to space of a canvas turns into travel between the top and bottom world. Ornamentality and signs of shaman tambourines emphasize the rhythm of following built in her works. L.N.Arbachakovа's creativity is a way from the modern reality to the archetypes sated by poetry of sacral senses.

Novosibirsk state pedagogical institute
The supervisor of studies - the doctor of historical sciences I.V.Octyabrskaya