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  • It was before the present generation,
  • After the former generation.
  • It was at that time,
  • When the universe was created,
  • When the ground-water were seized.
  • By Kamys the water was divided,
  • By a churn the ground was shared.
  • On tops of a white birch
  • With gold leaves
  • Gold birds twittered (1).

This is the beginning of the legend «Ak Plek», told by the known shorsky kaichi V.E.Tannagashev. The legend about the changing of the world and birth of the ground.

  • Near the cold river, in remote aal
  • Lived the big family of nine people.

Probably, this could be the beginning of the story about life of a family in which Lubov Arbachakova was born … Imagine the sound of shorskaya legend in throat execution under accompaniment of two-string kai-komus. Birches, fur-trees, cedars and birds sitting on them, becoming silent of delight, turn into the picturesque symbols created by the artist.

  • On the bottom of White Mountain
  • The white sea, worrying, flew, it appears.
  • On coast of the cold water, stood small aal Anzass
  • And there were only 5 small houses,
  • And there lived five families, holding simple household.

Aal (the settlement, village) Anzass could hardly be noted from the helicopter, especially from the plane in severe winter months, rolling in high snows. But during warm time, it blossomed with bright paints on a background of a dark-coniferous wood, as if making up the forces constrained by severe cold. One flower gave the place to another, and then there came an empire of the third, the fourth, the fifth …. As though in kaleidoscope the white color was replaced by bright red which passed into lilac. This blossoming was accompanied with smells of a sweetish acacia, a bitterish bird cherry, and honey belogolovnik (lobaznik). During this time Lubochka forgot about the tricks, escaping in secluded places and falling into a reverie. She wished to learn to speak not as usually in shorsky language, but in russian, to say correctly the name of her senior sister Oktyabrina, so that as well as she, to leave far. Far means - in the big city of Novokuznetsk where people instead of small paths go on the asphalted paths, watch movies in the cinemas, study at great people, who live in stone houses in which water rises itself on any height and as much as you want, and it is not necessary to carry it with buckets from a well. But Luba could not imagine happy end, because she could not understand how she will live without her favourite clearing which brought her so much joyful minutes. After years, in the same place, she decided, that will tell to city people about beauty of the Anzass, about life in the most «colorful place in the world». She will bring her childhood in the new world and will always live in it.

  • On a coast of the White Sea
  • Cattle, by wool not differing,
  • Nations, by clothes not differing
  • Lived, it appears.
  • Opposite to the river, settled down on coast aal
  • There is a rock on which the road passes
  • By this road, adults in city left,
  • Children in school went, met and followed the relatives.

All five families which lived in Аnzass were shorskie. In family of Tudegeshevyh, besides Luba there were six more children: four brothers and two sisters. Remoteness from the city center dictated the only way of existence - conducting the housekeeping. It was considerable: four cows, one on each brother, three horses, one on each sister, other horned cattle, and also, as well as in any rural house hens, geese, ducks. On cultivated grounds grew plenty of vegetables. For shortsev, descendants of turco-lingual people, conducting such type of housekeeping was habitual. Parents, as well as their ancestors, accustomed their children to work. In summer mowed grass together, stacked hay, watered a vegetable garden, carrying water from the river. In autumn, gathered in the harvest, prepared the fire wood, went to gather berries, mushrooms and cones. And only in winter started the rest for children - they left to study in school.

  • In the middle of numerous ylus-nation,
  • Shining brightly under the sun and the moon,
  • The gold palace stands.

The house of Tudegeshevyh was though not the gold palace, but very conspicuous. And children came back there after study, and then with the pleasure peculiar to children, hastened to school, to communicate with their contemporaries, to enjoy new independent life. But they always returned to the sweet home where every child had a cosy place and the friend.

  • «At a gold palace,
  • Gold tether, which a horse can not pull out,
  • On six layers have taken roots, stands
  • «At gold tether
  • Excellent, with silver wool
  • The white-grey horse stands.
  • Fire of its two eyes
  • All roots of this green grass
  • Until black burns out, it appears.

Luba had favorite and true friend - a horse called the Beauty. The real beauty: bay, with huge eyes and white blaze. It was always beside her in the most joyful and sad minutes. Luba still remembers one case: she accompanied her brother in city, and coming back on horse late in the evening has fallen asleep. She awaken only late at night, when she heard voice of her mum. The Beauty together with horse-woman already stood in the yard of the house.

  • «I have entered into a gold palace.
  • Doors having opened, has greeted.
  • The threshold having crossed, has bowed
  • «Behind a gold table,
  • The white light captivated
  • Similar to a mountain block, the epic hero sat.

Luba is externally antithetic to the image described in the legend «Chabal Kan Mergen». Not tall, slim, with two naughty braids, laid on each side, with attentive look and soft movements.

  • «Behind a gold table,
  • The girl Altyn Aryg sits:
  • The [clothes], necessary to repair, repairs,
  • The [fabric] necessary to cut, cuts … (2)

All in hands is done - says popular wisdom: hands are given to the person to do work well, legs - to receive a full share of happiness, head - to understand what happiness is. Lubov Nikitichna remained true to her dream. She is one of clan Tydegeshevyh, answers its primary purpose, as one of versions the origin of the clan is connected with a word «tyd» which in translation means to hold. To hold strongly what by clan was planned, what in hands has taken; about what a word was said. Otherwise the will of Supreme godhead Ulgen never will visit you, you will never realize your destination, and your soul will long suffer in searches of itself, its happiness. People will know about Mountain Shorii, about storytellers kaichi owing to works of the scientist-philologist, the collector and the translator of folklore, the poet Lubov Nikitichna. And to feel the beauty of Mountain Shorya helps her picturesque works. And everything, what she is engaged in - everything is organically for her, organically, as tradition of her people.

  • My great shorskaya nation,
  • On your long course of life
  • Let your hands will be firm!
  • Let your legs will be strong!
  • Shorskiye seeds don't spread,
  • Your powerful lands don't forget! (3)

Treasures of centuries are penetrated with mythological consciousness, filling works of the artist with special formation, sense, and image. Each work of art - the microimage of a picture of the world, created by the artist. It reflects the image of the Universe in which there is a top world led by godhead Ulgen, the land of people, and the bottom, underground world. All three worlds penetrate the symbolical image of the World Tree, Gold Tether, which approve unity of the Universe and infinity of a way of mankind.

Intuitive work over revealing the origin of the space helps the artist to reveal pithiness of image of the world. As grandmother told: everything in the world breathes, lives, speaks, creating the pulsing spirit of Space, which directs actions of the person.

The microimage of Lubov Arbachakova is a corner. It accumulates the displays of vegetative and animal worlds. Look at fur-trees, mountains, fir cones, fruits, waves on lake, fishes and birds. Do they remind you a sign of Lubovi Arbachakovoi! The same natural form becomes unique for human creation: homes (jurts). Such form of the house not only helps to keep warm in severe winters and cool during the hot summers, but also to establish tie with the sky, with the top world. The corner becomes a basic element in ornamental art of shorskih masters, approving thousand-year wisdom of the nation.

The corner acts as a component in the organization of various forms. One of them is a square. In tungus-manchurian culture it acts as a symbol of spirit, spreading the juice of life to all surrounding it. The form of a square head in a ritual sculpture acts as the carrier of man's force. Lubochka saw such figures with square heads and beads instead of eyes, with traces of fat at a mouth, sheathed by a dark blue material in the childhood on an attic of the house. It was not allowed to children to touch them, but they saw, that adults, spending a ceremony of feeding, asked them blessing and health to all members of the family.

The mechanism of creation of the world is laid in the basis of L.Arbachakova creative process. It is constructed on male and female dialogue. The male origination is that microimage, which was created by the artist. Female - herself, her mother, her grandmother, who gave birth to her and inculcated passion to creativity. Together they, continuing the process of creation, «pull a gold string to the sky», keeping the memory about talented shorskaya nation.

The reference to mythocreation helps the artist to understand her own world, to repeat a way of the creator creating the Universe, and a way of the shaman telling about the laws of realization. It would be unfair to speak, that it occurs with L.Arbachakova deliberately, it is more likely unconscious process. For the artist there are no doubts, whether she can to write a canvas or to create a graphic picture without having special art education. She considers that every person is able to create as well as to go, to look, to speak. All this, as well as the birth of the person, is connected with primary act of the creator.

All depicted in L.Arbachakova's works as though has come to a standstill in the moment of creation. But behind this silence there is internal strength of mind, valuable criteria of human life and eternity.

Self-sufficiency and at the same time significance of images - ethnic criterion of life of people, which memory has kept a myth-reality about origination and the importance of human existence.

As follower of great shorsky storyteller and poet Stepan Torbokov, Lubov Arbachakova, having passed in clan of her husband (4) has received figurative blessing from kai eezi, the owner of throat singing Kai. Following the spirits, Lubov Arbachakova gives people surprise of cleanliness of the created world, the pleasure contacting with it and happiness to being its creator!

«In his legends, kaichi, saying goodbye to an epic hero (alyp), speaks to presenters:

  • I gave alyp's happiness to you!» (5)
  • I have opened the soul …
  • Soul is such witch …
  • And people - mine creators (6)
Kubanova Tatiana,
the candidate of cultural science (St.-Petersburg)

  1. In italics marked the fragments from beginning of the legend «AK Plek», written down from shorsky kaichi V.E. Tannagashev. The analysis is made by L.N. Arbachakova
  2. The fragment from beginning of shorskaya legends «Chabal Kan Mergen», told by V.E Tannagashev. Translation of L. N. Arbachakova.
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  4. The clan of Arbachskovyh originates from the word arba, in translation that means barley. (In opinion of L. Arbachakova, arbysh, arbychak - the sorcerer).
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