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Shorskye and russian verses are remarkably coexist in this book. Like twins, like mirror reflection in each other when the image is splitted up, goes deeper, leaves in infinity … Not simply national text and its adequate translation - two poetic creations, which advantages the native speaker of both languages can estimate in full measure.

L.Arbachakova's verses are graceful, pathetic and deep under the maintenance. They bear in themselves spirit of eternity and breath of the present, intimate experiences and civil moods, gravitation to patrimonial roots and a condition of loneliness, restlessness - «all thorns of soul» of the lyrical heroine. It is L.N.Arbachakova's poetic self-portrait, recognized by events of an external and internal life, and at the same time reflection of the world of feelings of the young woman of our days in whose spiritual experience the national consciousness was alloyed with moral ideas common to all mankind.

She is opened to good and self-sacrifice, that is in her nature - the feeling of personal responsibility for destiny of Shorya, native people, own brother («… for happiness you can gain - I am ready to sacrifice my heart»).

  • The God I ask:
  • Let the rage from me does not proceed!
  • I pray the God-creator:
  • Let relatives and friends
  • Live in good and health!

Her not indifferent soul «sings in unison» to all impressions of life. In them - there is a source of inspiration of the poet.

  • My heart began to throb:
  • Lamentations of people were heard.
  • It means, that time of verses has come.

L.N.Arbachakova is able to transfer a psychological condition or philosophical thought in the poetic miniature, close to the form of Japanese haiku and tanka (unrhymed cinquains and tercets).

  • In the cold autumn morning always
  • Through a fog on the river Mrassu
  • Horse with white mane
  • All the time rushes somewhere,
  • But still cannot hop.

Gravitating to these genres, her poetic stylistics ascend, however, first of all to «a personal song», typical for creativity of Siberian people. The form and the size of similar sketches or confessional monologue are defined by not settled genre samples - it is dictated by impression, association, mood of the person, transferring them. An internal rhythm, melodic, soundwriting, figurativeness make true verses from the best of similar improvisations. For such spontaneous creative self-disclosing the uncommon talent is required. The talent and poetics of L.N.Arbachakova, undoubtedly, are conformable folklore tradition: she is in fact not only the poet, but also the scientist-specialist in folklore.

The keyword of poet collection of Lubov Arbachakova is personally symbolical - «Love». It is many-sided, as this concept: verses about native edge, about mother. But first of all there is a theme of personal happiness, a secret life of female heart. Nuances of its experiences she is able to state in laconic tercet:

  • All words are already said.
  • The cigarette is fully smoked.
  • What for you want to light up again?

* * *

  • Wait, only let
  • Dewdrops of tears to roll down-
  • And I will let out claws of a cat.

In L.N.Arbachakova's wise verses «it is a lot of grief». But this is light grief - there is no despair in it. «All passes» - «All returns back into place», but the poetess cognizes sense of eternal truths by her own spiritual gain: lives by expectation of happiness, she is impressed by perfection of the nature, feels delight of love and inspiration. Such instants give her a comprehension of completeness of existence and meaning of life that should cause reciprocal feeling in the reader of verses. Because L.Arbachakova's muse is her own soul and people are «co - creators».

Good verses are tuning fork of a human solvency of the poet. If you do not doubt in their sincerity, you are inspired with their sense, you receive aesthetic pleasure and life-giving force, as well as from L.N.Arbachakova's verses.

Let on a way of creative and spiritual searches, L.N.Arbachakova will not be disappointed, not get tired, not depreciate her talent - and will take a worthy place in shorsky and russian poetry.

The laureate of the State premium of the Russian Federation, Novosibirsk